Web Video Marketing Strategy

Video is increasingly becoming more and more vital as an element of any website, online marketing or positioning effort. Constantly evolving Google algorithms, search tendencies and individual preferences all mean the adoption of video will continue to grow – and it’s more than a trend because most people are visual learners. Video’s effectiveness as a communications tool will fuel its growth – but there is a big difference in online video. So much in fact, we redefined the term and set new parameters…

Our web-enhanced videos are developed and optimized specifically for a web environment. They’re produced in-house – and our graphics, animation, music and stock-footage libraries are royalty-free. You own your video. P2R webVids™ are to the point, make greater use of graphics and animation to drive a message, and are incorporated into the full range of your communications tools – giving even more “bang for the buck.”

Speaking of which – you’ll like our packages, options and prices.

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