Toyota Tundra – New Vehicle Launch

When Toyota announced the launch of the newly revamped Tundra line of trucks, the company knew it would be up against some very stiff competition and when they organized the launch, Toyota knew that it would have to be a massive hit backed up by a strong, ongoing communications effort if to successfully compete in the auto industry's toughest market.

An innovative, grassroots "Prove-It Tour!" marketing campaign was developed that featured a variety of real-world driving opportunities held alongside major, regional events. P2R Associates was chosen to provide media relations and event support to Toyota's Midwest region activities for the two-year period of the Tundra Prove-It Tour and launch.

Through aggressive pre-event and on-site media efforts, creative news story-telling and relentless follow-up customer service to media, P2R secured considerable on-air interviews, readers and news coverage at these major events well in excess of expectation. P2R's efforts were a key part of a mix of activities directly responsible for creating positive exposure and acceptance of the new Tundra throughout the region.