Member Profile – Award-Winning Communications Firm Benefits from Membership

While it’s only just about a year since P2R Associates joined the Michigan Business & Professional Association, the founder and owner of the strategic public relations and marketing firm says he’s already reaping the benefits of membership.

“Joining the MBPA has given us the opportunity to connect in a very deliberate way with the business community, something we very much appreciate,” says Gordon Cole, an industry veteran who’s successfully transitioned from a key role in a Fortune 500 company to the world of the entrepreneur.

P2R and its team of five had already connected with other professionals in their industry, but as Cole explains, broadening their involvement to other businesses was a key objective.

“It was our benefits provider that recommended we join,” he recalls.  “We now get to rub shoulders with other business owners and that was something we had identified as being important.”  Clearly the initiative has benefitted P2R.

“There are some outstanding resources which we’ve been able to use,” he adds, referring specifically to the MBPA web site ( and regular communications in the form of e-mails and fax blasts that draw attention to various networking or business growth initiatives.

In the meantime, P2R continues to do what Gordon Cole and his team set out to do, which is to offer high-quality communications counsel to organizations such as Toyota and Continental, both in the automotive sector.  The agency also counts H.B. Stubbs Companies, a leading provider of displays and exhibits, among its clients.

While still relatively new in its industry, P2R is already earning accolades, including a recent eight MarCom awards from the Association of Marketing and Communications Professionals.  P2R went up against more than 5,000 entries to take the honors.

Cole and his team continue to bring value through the relationships they build with clients.  “Having had the opportunity to work with many different organizations, I’ve developed an understanding of how the various tools available to a communicator can work together,” he notes.  “That’s the key to the success of our clients and, by extension, of P2R Associates.”

Cole says that having a rich understanding of what works in communications and why is vital.  “Everything we do on behalf of our clients is designed to build on one another.”

Cole likens the role of strategic communicator to that of an orchestra leader.  “Eerything needs to be in balance.”

In addition to his corporate background, Cole spent more than two decades as a public affairs officer with the U.S. Navy and holds the rank of captain; he continues to serve as director of the reserve public affairs team for the United States Transportation Command and was recalled to active duty in support of Operation Desert Storm.

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Spring 2009 Association Spotlight, the Official Publication of the Michigan Business & Professionals Association and the Michigan Food & Beverage Association