P2R Associates Launches P2R Interactive™ — Takes Digital Marketing and Outeach to a New Level

LIVONIA, Mich., January 19, 2010 – P2R Associates, a leader in integrated marketing, strategic public relations and brand communications, today announced the launch of P2R Interactive™.  The collaborative service better serves P2R clients by providing an enhanced range of web-centric support that has broad applications and can significantly enhance marketing programs, as well as customer and media outreach.

“The internet represents the most effective tool most companies have to reach customers and other stakeholders, yet we’ve found that for a variety of reasons it’s rarely used to its potential,” explained Gordon Cole, president, P2R Associates.

Strategy-driven functionality becomes integrated with marketing objectives

P2R Interactive™ provides a suite of integrated services including: organic search engine optimization (SEO), professional pay-per-click management (PPC), custom web design and development, technology timeshare, email marketing, social media marketing (SMM), blogs, podcasts, video podcasts and mobile media.  Heightened functionality includes the ability to increase areas of coverage, capture audiences, and convert hits to actionable leads in a way that’s aligned with business strategy.  Fundamental online / business analysis and understanding drive the integrated approach.

“We’ve developed web sites and served clients with proprietary web-centric services for years.  P2R Interactive™ moves the capability to a significantly higher level,” Cole said.

P2R Interactive™ combines a greater degree of IT, database and programming expertise of suppliers and partners with P2R strengths in integrated marketing communications.  The data-driven capability adds to P2R’s established capabilities in innovative, award-winning web development, and is well-beyond competitor’s solutions.

P2R Interactive’s online search coverage area provides deep analysis, industry facts and actionable advice to achieve business goals using Internet search.  P2R Interactive(tm) provides a one-stop solution to marketers and communicators that’s tailored to their needs and fully integrated into a communications mix. It includes: building quality web sites, portals, business solutions, and optimizing their search marketing tactics within the context of their overall media and business approach.  It will also evaluate the economics and evolution of the web-wide search industry using proprietary consumer data, executive surveys, and industry forecasts.

P2R Interactive™ adds new capability to the marketing toolbox

P2R Interactive™ blends aspects of IT, programming, database management, and proprietary software development with web design and development expertise – and basically moved key elements of that skill set from the realm of IT to the realm of marketing communications support – and does it in a way that’s as clear and manageable as it is effective.

“Basically, P2R Interactive™ pulls more technology-driven expertise into the integrated marketing tool kit, moving database-driven web possibilities from ‘behind the curtain’ and opening up a whole new world for focused brand positioning through interactivity, analytics, customer / message targeting and feedback,” said Scott K. Russell, director, account services and business development, P2R Associates.  “The upshot is a considerably enhanced communications effectiveness and results.  The formation of P2R Interactive(tm) provides a great balance for our firm and significantly strengthens our core capabilities.”

About P2R Associates

P2R Associates is an award-winning, strategic public relations and brand communications firm serving a diverse mix of international, national and local companies in a range of industries.  With special expertise in business-to-business communications, P2R has represented clients in the automotive OE, Tier 1 and aftermarket, high-tech manufacturing, construction, consulting, defense, retail, design, engineering and exhibit and event management.  Headquartered in Livonia, Mich., P2R provides clients with strategy-driven tactics, superior service and measurable results.

For more information about P2R, visit www.P2Rassociates.com.