P2R Associates Launches New Web Site Showcasing Integrated Branding & Communications Expertise

LIVONIA, Mich., February 18, 2009 – P2R Associates today announced the launch of its newly-redesigned website – www.P2Rassociates.com.   The new website showcases the company’s integrated brand communications strength, highly successful track record and numerous professional awards through an approach that blends four primary elements into a powerful and highly-effective communications platform.

It starts with a graphically simple and clean design. An intuitive feel and efficient functionality mirror the clean graphic element, and all are complemented by a compelling and upbeat tone. They combine to communicate visually, emotionally and logically.

Visitors can quickly and easily access the specific information they want as well as gain a broadbrush understanding of the firm’s capabilities, trademarked P2R e³™ brand positioning process, and value-added services including P2R-Direct!™ and P2R-Connect!™

An engaging experience draws viewers into the site. The wealth of information and different levels on which it is understood outweigh the volume while magnifying the brand experience. Ultimately, the combination of elements serves to successfully inform in a way that is compelling and refreshing.

“The end result perfectly demonstrates the effectiveness of our integrated approach and unique value proposition for clients,” said Gordon Cole, P2R Associates president. “Most importantly, it captures and conveys the essence of who we are, our commitment, values, core beliefs, and the things that set us apart. It demonstrates our strong understanding of brand differentiation in a crowded and confusing market place.”