P2R Associates go from solo to staff of 7 in 3 years

METROMODE, 11/6/2008

The idea of being your own boss sounded like a good one to Gordon Cole. It’s why he left corporate cublicledom to start P2R Associates three years ago.

He has since turned the Livonia-based firm into an operation with seven employees and one independent contractor. The company is now five times as big as it was when it started in terms of revenue. No easy task if you ask Cole.

“This is a tough market and there are a lot of really good firms out there,” Cole says. “We stuck to the basics of good service, creativity and flawless execution.”

P2R Associates specializes in public relations, communications and marketing. It offers strategic planning on a broad base and smaller detail-oriented services, such as crisis communications and interview training. Its clients range from automotive to technology firms.

The company wants to continue its current rate of growth, but is waiting to see what happens in the next few months.

“The reality is there are so many variables that we just want to get through this quarter so we can stick our finger in the air,” Cole says.

Writer: Jon Zemke