Creating a Market Facing Company from an "on paper" Holding Company

Cerion LLC was formed in December 2008 as a manufacturing holding company. Management was focused on quickly building an organization by acquiring good companies that found themselves in poor cash positions as a result of the downturn in the automotive industry. The challenge for Cerion, and for P2R Associates, was to help knit and unify cultures – to articulate a strong and positive investor brand, and differentiate Cerion. We worked with Cerion management to determine which companies required rebranding and which had sufficient brand equity to continue under legacy identities. In addition, P2R researched, developed and implemented immediate and long-term marketing and communications strategies, and created an integrated marketing, business development and communications program. In addition, P2R developed and executed a number of marketing programs, including:
·         Strategic key messaging
·         Media relations
·         Websites
·         Crisis communications plan
·         Employee communications plan
·         Customer outreach plan
·         Supplier communications plan
·         Community relations program
·         Sales and marketing material
P2R's work helped create a market-facing company from what had been an "on paper" holding company while providing the marketing communications foundation for a new, billion-dollar-plus automotive supplier.