BigBoat – Investor Communications Planning

BigBoat, a start-up on-line fulfillment, warehouse and logistics company, had secured investors and a first round of financing to further develop its marketing and business development direction while it secured its physical site and established an IT infrastructure.

The company's investors selected P2R Associates as its agency partner with the task of developing a comprehensive, integrated marketing / business development plan to support a second round of financing, its market rollout and an eventual IPO.

Working closely with the CEO, CFO and CIO, P2R Associates researched the industry and competitors, developed an expanded menu of products and services, defined the market, identified market sub-segments and outlined points of entry into each. The comprehensive and integrated plan encompassed investor relations, advertising, web-based outreach, special events and media relations. The marketing plan tied directly to the Big Boat business plan and investor objectives. It was supported by a prioritized timeline of activities that was driven by revenue growth and accomplishment of operational milestones.

P2R's marketing plan became central to the company's business plan and investor road show. BigBoat successfully won a second round of investment, designed and established its IT infrastructure, attracted the interest of larger investors and established successful working relationships with national and international business partners.