Michigan Marketing Communication Process

"We build on a solid foundation… efficiently and with the right tools."

We create award-winning marketing communications plans – and we deliver results. It’s no secret how. It’s a process arrived at over years of experience and combined with a “rolled-up shirtsleeves” work ethic where agency leadership is directly involved with every client.

Our P2R e3 Process™ is a thorough and tailored to each client. It identifies issues, tests assumptions and lays the foundation for an effective, executable plan.
Using proprietary tools and a series of interviews, we research issues & business climate; audit tools & activities; review objectives & assess the challenges your company faces. We look at “Best Practices” across industries. Then we think about it and draw on decades of combined experience to develop a clear understanding of the present challenges and the desired state.
Once we understand your business challenges, success drivers, alignment issues, and desired outcomes – we develop a comprehensive, integrated plan built on a firm foundation and focused on achieving clear objectives. This integrated plan includes a matrixed timeline and identifies milestones, tracks progress, ensures feedback and incorporates “lessons learned” in an ongoing, continuously improving evolution.
This is where the fun starts. Everything comes together. We execute and deliver results with metrics tailored to you and your Executive Team's requirements... Vision, executive team, and employees are aligned and focused on the mission. External stakeholders clearly hear your message and more fully realize your value… Perception becomes reality.

Our “focused-impact” approach delivers strategy-driven tactics, integrated activities driven by your business / marketing plan, clear objectives and is built on tested assumptions. Success follows effort!