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4 April 2013,

Marketing Strategy: Customized Training for New Market Entry

Michigan has one of the world’s most sophisticated and technologically advanced manufacturing bases, with talented and experienced pools of trained design, engineering and manufacturing talent, as well as a tremendous amount of unused capacity. Unfortunately, given the world-wide manufacturing downturn, i.e., recession, many automotive-centric manufacturing firms have been hit hard—many going out of business all-together.

P2R Associates recognized the need to redirect this advanced manufacturing base into other markets and began working with the Michigan Aerospace Manufacturers Association (MAMA) in April 2010 to design a new market entry training program. Founded in 2007, MAMA is Michigan’s premier association assisting manufacturers in their efforts to diversify their businesses and enter the aerospace industry. MAMA was specifically created to address the problem of the aerospace industry’s lack of available manufacturing capacity by devoting Michigan’s advanced technology and expertise to create a world-class supply base.

The challenge for P2R was to develop and administer a comprehensive series of on-site member marketing and sales training sessions in conjunction with MAMA’s Quick Start Market Primer program. MAMA had engaged an aerospace consulting firm that could provide a “30,000—foot” view of the industry and needed a marketing communications to provide the basics on how its members could redirect their efforts to diversify their operations and enter a new market.

Drawing on its familiarity with the defense and aerospace industry, P2R designed and copyrighted a nine-step market entry program geared toward helping automotive manufacturing companies understand and enter a new industry. Highlights of the program include:

·         How to comprehensively review a targeted industry.

·         How to conduct research for background information.

·         Assessing an industry’s current and future challenges

·         Identifying opportunities and matching capabilities.

P2R conducted intensive on-site training sessions at each Quick Start member company location and worked with company team members ranging from quality control and material scheduling to sales management and company owner/presidents. Teams were provided with the tools to uncover strategic market development information in session one and subsequently given “market entry” homework assignments to be completed for the second training session.

Once each Quick Start program member company team completed its new market entry analysis, P2R then worked with them to develop comprehensive integrated marketing communications plans to attack the aerospace market in a coordinated way with integrated activities.

P2R received extremely positive feedback on this training program from participating companies including,

“P2R’s presentation was exactly what we needed to help us break into the aerospace industry.”  Dan Mitchell, Vice President, Sales, Hanson Mold.

“Very good presentation!” “I like the real world examples used in the presentation.”  Jesse Lopez, President, BAE Industries, Inc.

“P2R’s market entry course has been very thought-provoking, many questions answered, as well as many more risen. Great course.”  Roger Ramirez, President, DieNamic Tool Corp.

P2R will continue to provide educational programs and industry research to MAMA members and promote the aerospace manufacturing community in the State of Michigan and within the global industry.

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