public relations and marketing communications

“P2R is my secret weapon…”

A major, Fortune 50 client told us that after achieving and then maintaining his region’s national sales leadership position. We never thought of ourselves quite that way, but our clients are no strangers to success. Neither are we… and we have a jazzilion awards to prove it!

Client success is our success.
“Who ARE those guys?…”    Butch Cassidy
P2R Associates is an award-winning, strategic public relations and brand communications firm serving a diverse mix of international, national and local companies in a range of industries. We provide clients with strategy-driven tactics, superior service and measurable results. We’re headquartered in Livonia, Mich., and work regionally, nationally, or internationally through a network of affiliated firms. We’re a variable-cost solution to your firms marketing communications needs or staff-constrained requirement.
“What exactly do you do?…”    Nurse Patricia Fearing
We’re marketing communications integrators with depth and expertise in B2B and B2C. We’ve represented clients in the automotive OE, Tier 1 and Aftermarket, high-tech, manufacturing, aerospace, construction, consulting, defense, retail, design, engineering and exhibit event management sectors.
“Give me one good reason (to hire P2R)…”    Tracy Chapman
Well… okay – not quite. But here’s all the reason you need: We produce results! Our clients are winners! We’re the little firm that CAN -- and does make a big impact!